Life’s Hierarchy is an exclusive club for professional people who live, want to live or want to explore the ‘Dominants’ and submissives’ and their many associated lifestyles and fantasies.

While recognising the importance of equality of opportunity, the members of Life’s Hierarchy also recognise the right of an individual to embrace their desire to submit and serve. Life’s Hierarchy is a safe haven for submissive men and women and slaves of any gender.

While appreciating that many in the broader vanilla community might not understand, as members of Life’s Hierarchy we understand the joys of leading and being served. Life’s Hierarchy is a powerful resource for Dominant men and women, Masters, Mistresses and Owners of any gender.

Members of Life’s Hierarchy respect the right of all people to enjoy their Dominant or submissive lifestyles and activities in an environment that is consensual, safe, non-judgemental and supportive.

More over, club members embrace the right of every person to live out their fantasies and preferred lifestyles with absolute discretion.

For this purpose Club members have access to discussion forums, group chats, private chats, webinars, podcasts, training, events, mentoring and so much more.