A Checklist

  • February 6, 2021
  • Mestra

There are lots of other checklists out there on the web. This is a concoction from a few, feel free to use/edit as you wish. This one includes service which I haven’t seen on others.

This is a STANDARD checklist. Many things on it aren’t applicable, but it does give me information about you. ENJOY completing it. Even the completion itself and imagining each scenario is a memorable experience. Don’t be too fussy with it – it will change over time :-).

NO (or 0) means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit).
If you honestly don’t know – leave it blank
1 means you don’t want to do or don’t like to do this activity, but wouldn’t object if it was asked of you.
2 means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you.
3 means you usually like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/ occasional basis.
4 means you like doing this activity, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.
5 means the activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would like it as often as possible.
Note any additional information or nuances which might be important for me to know. For example, under “uniforms” you might have a different fetish for military versus police. Also note if there are different scores for different parts of the activity eg. small butt plugs may be a 5, but speculum may be a 1.
Activity This a way for me to get to know you better – a STANDARD checklist. Not all these items
are ‘on offer’, nor are they all a requirement on your part.
Experience Willingness
(yes/no) (NO or 1-5)
·  Age play
·  Anal play (dildos ie pegging, beads, ice, butt plugs small or large, figging, speculum)
·  Anal Sex – Giving
·  Anal Sex – Receiving
·  Anal Training
·  Animal roles (puppy, pony, etc.)
·  Anticipation
·  Auctioned for charity
·  Being bitten
·  Bondage (light) – (immobilisation, handcuffs, harness, spreader bar)
·  Bondage (heavy) – (manacles & irons, chains)
·  Bondage – (bondage in public under clothing or multi-day)
·  Bondage – (while sleeping)
·  Breath Play (breath control, choking, face smothering, masks)
·  Caning
·  Cock & ball torture (ball kicking, ball stretching etc) / Pussy Torture
·  Chastity
·  Clothing (latex, leather, PVC, lace, spandex, lycra)
·  Clothespegs, zips
·  Cock control (rings, straps, gates of hell)
·  Collars or symbolic jewellery (worn in private or in public)
·  Confinement (isolation, cages, cells)
·  Cross-Dressing (sissification, make-up, lingerie)
·  Cuckolding
·  Dollification
·  Electroplay
·  Enemas
·  Examinations (physical)
·  Exercise (forced/required)
·  Exhibitionism (for friends and/or strangers)
·  Fear
·  Feminisation
·  Fire play, fire massage
·  Fisting
·  Forced bi
·  Forced nudity (in private at events or in public)
·  Gags (cloth, phallic, rubber, tape)
·  Games and Challenges (small group, mild humiliation)
·  Given away to another Top (temporarily or permanently)
·  Group scenes (play parties)
·  Hand jobs / Fingering (giving)
·  Hand jobs / Fingering (receiving)
·  Homage / Hand and/or Foot Worship
·  Homage / Pussy Worship
·  Homage / Boot or Shoe Worship
·  Humiliation (in private)
·  Humiliation (in public) (verbal, physical, diapers, body control etc)
·  Hypnosis
·  Impact play with implements (flogging, paddles, riding crop etc)
·  Impact play with hands/nails (face slapping, body slapping, punching)
·  Kissing
·  Knife play (sensation, abrasion)
·  Marking (temporary or lasting for hours or days) (bruises, abrasions, scratches, tatooing, branding)
·  Marking (permanent) (tatooing, branding, cutting, cell popping, scarification)
·  Masturbation (forced, encouraged, watched, allowed)
·  Medical Play
·  Modeling for erotic photos
·  Mummification
·  Needle Play
·  Nipple (clamps, torture, weights)
·  Oral Sex (giving to women)
·  Oral Sex (giving to men)
·  Oral Sex (receiving)
·  Outdoor (scenes, rope or sex)
·  Pain (mild or severe)
·  Piercing (temporary)
·  Power exchange
·  Predicament positions or challenges (eg how long can you stay in that position with nipple clamps on)
·  Rape fantasy
·  Restrictions (behaviour, speech ie what to say, food ie what to eat, clothes ie what to wear, bathroom use)
·  Restrictive Clothing (arm binders, straight jackets, lockable shoes etc)
·  Rituals
·  Saline injections in balls/breasts
·  Scat
·  Scenes (medical, military, prison, interrogation, religious, punishment, school, kidnapping)
·  Sensation play
·  Sensory deprivation (blindfold, masks, hoods, ear plugs/music)
·  Shaving/Hair removal (body hair)
·  Shibari / rope (tying)
·  Shibari / rops (being tied)
·  Slave positions (learning positions, standing in corner, kneeling)
·  Spanking (over the knee)
·  Spitting
·  Sploshing (food play)
·  Strap-ons (giving)
·  Strap-ons (receiving)
·  Suspension (rope)
·  Swinging
·  Tasks (given between play sessions)
·  Teasing
·  Temperature play (chilli, ice, heat, cold)
·  TENS Machine
·  Third person (addition of a third person to the play)
·  Tickling
·  Uniforms (specify)
·  Urethral play (catheterisation, urethral sounding)
·  Voyeurism (watching others)
·  Video (watching or recording)
·  Water sports (golden showers)
·  Wax Play
·  Whipping
·  Wrestling
Service “Service submission involves doing real work so your Mistress won’t have to. It’s about making Her life easier, without necessarily expecting something in return.” (http://www.submissiveguide.com/2011/01/some-thoughts-on-domestic-service/)
·  Chauffeuring
·  Cooking
·  Domestic Service (Cleaning)
·  Domestic Service (Laundry)
·  Gardening
·  Grocery Shopping
·  Event Planning
·  Hair Colouring/Dye
·  Household Maintenance
·  Intellectual Conversationalist – Function Escort
·  Massage (Back)
·  Massage (Feet)
·  Manicures
·  Making toys (handyman/carpentry/craft)
·  Maintaining and caring for clothes
·  Maintaining and caring for shoes
·  Maintaining and cleaning toys and equipment
·  Officework (taking phone calls, organising mail, making diary appointments, writing letters etc)
·  Pedicures
·  Pool Maintenance
·  Research (done in your own time/location)
·  Running Errands (eg filling car with fuel, posting mail etc)
·  Service (general – getting drink, lighting cigarettes, following basic instructions – in private)
·  Service (general – getting drink, lighting cigarettes, following basic instructions – at public events)
·  Serving (objectification as art, furniture etc)
·  Serving (waiter)
·  Serving other Tops (supervised or unsupervised)
·  Social Media ‘Secretary’ and/or Website Developer
·  Pet care (washing/walking)
·  Vehicle Maintenance
·  Other
Aftercare Preferences
·  Cuddles
·  Snacks, sugar
·  Sex
·  Other
Do you own any sex toys, bondage equipment, or other erotica? If so, describe.
Your sexual orientation is: Straight / Gay or Lesbian / Bi-Sexual / Bi-Curious
Your experience level is: Beginner / A Little Bit / Average / A Lot / Extensive
I prefer a relationship to be: Monogamous / Polyamorous / Open / Doesn’t Matter /
Details of Medical Conditions / Physical Limitations or Medications that I need to know about:
Date and results of last STI tests
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