• April 1, 2021
  • SIR D

Going out to dinner can, of course, involve anything from cheap and cheerful Chinese through to sophisticated dining at one of the cities silver service restaurants. Most cities have hundreds of cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurants and a few good ones. Most cities have only a small number of silver service restaurants. In Perth, Western Australia, a city of 2 million people, there are perhaps 2 or 3 silver service restaurants. Both dining experiences, and everything in between, are valid experiences and can be enjoyable – but they are very different.
The difference between dinner at a cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant and dinner in a silver service restaurant equates to the difference between dinner at home with mates and a High Protocol Dinner. At one extreme, it is very casual, and the food is pleasant but simple, while at the other extreme, it is very formal and sophisticated. The point is – a high protocol dinner should be just that – high protocol, imbued with structure and sophistication. It should be a class act!

In my humble, or perhaps not so humble, view, a high protocol dinner should:

  • Occur in a relatively formal environment with – comfortable seating and surrounds.
  • Take place over a formally laid table with matching cutlery, china and glassware.
  • Use linen or cotton tablecloths and napery – avoiding paper and bright colours. 
  • Involve a three or four-course meal with complementary dishes and condiments.
  • Involve the serving of high-quality wines designed to complement each dish.
  • Take place over an extended period providing for quiet and respectful conversation.
  • The silver service presentation of the food and wine by submissive people. 

I would argue that a high protocol dinner should definitely not:

  • Involve serving drinks with soft drink in them – except perhaps mineral or tonic water served alone or in an aperitif. 
  • Incorporate games or acts designed to humiliate – any more than would be the case in a silver service restaurant.
  • Involve dominants yelling over the table at each other – but rather engaging in quiet conversation.
  • Submissive service ‘staff’ engaging in table conversation – anymore that staff would at a silver service restaurant.
  • Submissive serving’ staff’ EVER leaning across or pushing between, seated dominant diners.
  • Submissive serving’ staff’ yelling across the room or even talking to each other in the dining room.

I would argue that submissive serving ‘staff’ should:

  • Never be clothed.
  • Speak only when spoken to.
  • Exhibit at least basic silver service skills.
  • Serve in an unobtrusive and submissive manner.
  • Avoid looking dominant diners in the eye.
  • Not switch places (dominant/submissive) during the event.

Without formality, structure, and quality, it might be a dinner, but it is not high protocol. Of course, this does not mean that there should not be a sexual orientation and sexual activities. In this regard, there is ample scope:

  • For dominant diners to fondle, discuss and commentate on, submissive serving’ staff’.
  • After the meal, undertake demonstrations, presentations or question and answer sessions.
  • After the meal, taking submissive serving’ staff’ into another room to use as they wish.
  • Have submissive serving’ staff’ on display in BDSM furniture during or after dinner.
  • Punish, in private or in public, errant submissive serving ‘staff’.

My point is – if it is going to be a D/s High Profile Dinner, it needs to incorporate sexually and D/s -oriented aspects – but this should not be and need not be at the expense of enjoying a refined evening.

I am cognizant of my pontification in this missive, but I am passionate about doing things well and, even more importantly – as well as they can be done. I understand that this, by necessity, involves a great deal of work, and as such, anticipate a significant cost for each participant. That said – done well, a High Protocol Dinner can be a magnificent experience. Done less well, it is just a pleasant dinner with friends.

I am also cognizant that this blog outlines an ideal that may not be achievable. It is however, in my view, well worth approximating.
I would add one more thing. For the likes of this blogger, such a dinner would also offer vegetarian options with no added sugar and a moderate level of carbs. 

I welcome the thoughts of others.

I am keen to know who might be interested in attending such events. 

Thanks for reading by elitism missive. 


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