Life’s Hierarchy is a club for intelligent, refined and professional people who demand discretion and want a safe place to pursue their interests, develop their skills, be entertained, have fun, prepare for a new relationship or build on the great experiences they have had to date.

Members value the direct anonymous access, mentors and other members for discussion, assistance. guidance and fun.

All members are entitled to:


  • Develop their own profile and gallery
  • Contribute to forums
  • Read and post stories
  • Chat with other individual members
  • Join in on group chats
  • Read and ask FAQ’s
  • Read and contribute to BLOGS
  • View the club gallery
  • Book for training and events
  • Shop and secure discounts
Premium members are entitled to:


  • All of the entitlements of members – PLUS 
  • Access to all LIVE and ANONYMOUS Webinars
  • Watch and listen to Podcasts
  • Participate in LIVE, ANONYMOUS ONLINE Discussions
  • Access to member OPPORTUNITIES
  • A personal MENTOR ……. and from 2021….
  • The Confessional
  • Matchmaking
  • Book Clubs

Members who join before December 31, 2020, will be considered Foundation Members and as such will be entitled to a range of premium privileges.

We also look forward to feedback from members regarding the types of services you would like to see the Club offer.

Referring a Premium Member who joins Life’s Hierarchy will earn an existing member a FREE mentoring session

Member thoughts on how the Club offering can be enhanced are always welcome.