• March 2, 2020
  • SIR D
So, how many Australians are normal – whatever normal means? How many Australians are vanilla – whatever vanilla means? How many Australians are kinky – whatever kinky means? How many people life the same things you do – whatever that is today?

Let’s have a look at the statistics!


Orientation Men Women
Heterosexual 97.4% 97.7%
Homosexual 1.6% 0.8%
Bi-sexual 0.9% 1.4%

Not surprisingly this data is based on surveys and it might be that not all people were 100% truthful. The percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals is lower than science based estimates. Biological research suggests that 10% of all mammals are homosexual – suggesting that this sample might not have been as honest as it could.


The frequency with which Australians have sex has also been surveyed, giving rise to the following estimates:

  • Less than once a month – 20%
  • Three to four times a month – 17%
  • Eleven to twenty times a month – 8%

Fortunately I am still in the last category. I would have thought that anything less than 5 times a week suggests you are too tired, have your priorities wrong of need to be more adventurous.


Research has also looked at the desire for adventure in sex and the finding were as follows:

  • 44% of women are happy with their level of adventure
  • 33% of men were happy with their level of adventure
  • Only 2% did not want any more adventure

There is a message her for anyone wanting a stronger, happier relationship. More than half of men and women are seeking more adventure – suggesting that the lack of frequency might be related to the absence of adventure. We should also remember that the couple that play together stay together. Is this why divorce rates are so high. Maybe more of them should try BDSM.


Research findings regarding BDSM are especially interesting:

  • 64.6% of women report having fantasies of being dominated sexually
  • 53.3% of men report having sexual fantasies about being dominated sexually
  • 46.7% of women report fantasies about being dominating sexually
  • 59.6% of men report fantasies about being dominating sexually
  • 11% of men report having tried bondage
  • 17% of women report having tried bondage
  • 36% of adults in the US use masks, blindfolds and bondage tools
  • 20% of all adults report using masks, blindfolds and bondage tools
  • 85% of adults have reported engaging in some form of BDSM

This suggests that your fantasies might not be so uncommon. It seems that some forms of BDSM are very popular indeed, although it is alarming that very few people seem to live out their fantasies. This might be yet another reason for the high divorce rate.

Combined, these findings suggest that kinky or non-vanilla sex may not be as uncommon as some might think. I would be really interested to know just what your experiences are dear reader. What do you think the statistics are in your group of friends? Do you see a relationship between the divorce rate and the frequency with which people live out their fantasies?

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