My opinion on ‘slaves can’t negotiate’

  • February 16, 2022
  • Mestra

The premise that slaves can’t negotiate is complicated. In a Total Power Exchange (TPE) the Master/Mistress/Owner (M type) controls the slave entirely. That doesn’t mean they have to micro-manage, slaves are capable human beings in their own right, but the ultimate control, the guiding of the ‘ship’ is done by the M type.

When slaves give up Total Control, they (should imo) do it for someone with whom they’ve built ultimate trust and rapport. Someone who knows them so well they know their hard limits, soft limits, squishy parts and strengths. Negotiations (which may look like play dates, after care or chats online or after watching a movie) should have already occurred.

However, things change, and you can’t possibly cover all possible scenarios before beginning a TPE, so there will be times the slave can/should and at times MUST provide additional information.

For example, Dom Mark and slave jane are part way through an intense scene, jane is tied up in a hotel room with the curtains open so she can watch as a red 4WD pulls up with some friends to join the scene. jane unexpectedly calls red and the scene immediately ends. Dom Mark (who isn’t angry or accusatory) asks jane what happened and they discover that a red 4WD triggers a long lost traumatic memory that neither of them had been aware of. This new information will change the way Dom Mark uses red 4WDs in the future. Likely they will later discuss what the memory was, and if red 4WDs should be avoided in the future, or deliberately utilised now. These are ongoing negotiations between the slave and Master.

s types have a responsibility to respectfully and discretely provide important additional information to the M types to allow them to make the best decisions.

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