Post NonVanilla Photo Shoot

  • August 22, 2022
  • Mestra

Another fun night is coming to an end and it’s bitter sweet. I can feel the endorphins and adrenaline still coursing through my system and its helped along with a good few glasses of red wine at the tail end of the evening.

From my point of view, it wasn’t a particularly intense night, at least not in terms of kink and BDSM. It was mostly vanilla. There was lots of prep though, and nerves in getting everything as perfect as possible.

Much of the joy is in the experiences of the newbies – the vanillas – the muggles. Those whose eyes have been opened for the first time to experiences outside the norm, who have stepped up to the rabbit hole and are peering down it, wondering where it goes. There’s pure joy in watching that happen. Pure joy in the creation of memorable experiences. Possessions and things may come and go, but these memories will last a life time, and I’ve been part of it. That makes me incredible proud and, right now, very very content.

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