Life’s Hierarchy provides a safe place for intelligent, refined and professional Dominant and/or submissive members who value their privacy and security to explore D/s lifestyle options and associated fantasies.

The D/s lifestyle is not for everybody but our members recognise that some relationships work best when one member is in control and the other submits to the authority of the Dominant.

Members of Life’s Hierarchy include singles and couples, men and women, the Dominant and submissive, Owners and slaves, the experienced and novices and those wanting to find out if the lifestyle is for them or to further develop skills developed over years of practise.

All members recognise that D/s is a legitimate lifestyle and that members of Life’s Hierarchy value privacy, discretion, security, mature conversation and open minds.

Members of the Club are welcome to participate in forums and blogs, webinars and training sessions, live discussions using online meeting technology and online chats – all with anonymity.

Members have access to mentoring and coaching drawing on the expertise and experience of long-term Dominant, submissive members, Owners and slaves. Senior members of the Club are available to talk to members about issues of interest or concern.

Members may also choose to attend events or participate in offline training, if and when they feel comfortable to do so.

If members want to explore and develop their Dominant side, Life’s Hierarchy provides an environment where you can discuss issues, share insights with like-minded people and access personal coaching to help you to be the Dominant or Owner you want to be.

If members want to explore their submissive side, Life’s Hierarchy provides a safe environment to discuss the issues that are of interest or concern and access mentoring from like-minded people who have been through it all before – helping the submissive become what they want to be  or more importantly, what the Dominant or Owner wants the slave be.