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I enjoy challenging my own judgements and discomfort, and watersports was one of those taboos I struggled with, particularly when asked to provide a cupful of morning pee to for a slave to consume to be 'cleansed'.... however, before you get icked out, lets have a look at the data.


Watersports (golden showers) refers to pee (urine) play where participants may enjoy being peed on or urinating on another person, consuming urine, or urine enemas (or peeing inside someone).


Watersports can be used for humiliation/degradation, a sign of possession (or being owned), it challenges the taboo and creates an intimacy and closeness between partners.


In 2016 a UK found Urolagnia (watersports) as the 9th biggest sexual fetish.


Some research to challenge my misconceptions led me to urine therapy/uropathy ... yes, that's a real thing. At the risk of taking the fun out of it, drinking one's own urine, urine enemas and urine facials have a substantial following in alternative health circles. Do your own google search for the extraordinary list of potential health benefits, everything from helping acne and psoriasis (facials), detoxification, asthma, migraines and slowing the aging process.


The Damar Tantra is an ancient text promoting urine therapy, British naturopath John W. Armstrong in the early 20th century is well known for his research on uropathy inspired by a metaphorical reading of the Biblical Proverb 5:15 "Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well" ?, and I'll pop some additional more modern links on the Resources page.


The composition of human pee was prepared for NASA in 1971 finding that urine is 95% (distilled) water, urea (which is recreated synthetically to be used in facial products), chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, inorganic and organic compounds.


Potential risks: do your own research, but beware that while urine is sterile while in the body, once it leaves the body it can start growing bacteria which can be dangerous. As a rule of thumb, for BDSM use, don't consume the first part of the stream, and consume within 15 min. There are concerns that some STIs and medications can be transferred through pee (which I haven't been able to confirm), so know your partner and stay safe. Generally considered as 'acquired taste', some foods/drinks make urine taste less appealing, others more appealing. It's been compared to the taste of beer or coconut water, and taste varies depending on the hydration of the source.


The outcome of all this, I probably won't start sipping my own midstream morning pee in an attempt to cure cancer, however, I'll now quite happily provide a cup of pee for a slave, or golden shower them for humiliation, piss play for fun, or just to challenge my own taboos.


Go, my friends, go pee.



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