The Club


Life’s Hierarchy is the exclusive club for professional people who live or want to explore the ‘dominance and submission lifestyle’ and its many manifestations and associated fantasies.

While recognising the importance of equality of opportunity the members of Life’s Hierarchy also recognise the right of an individual to embrace their desire to submit and serve. So long as no one is hurt and it is consentual, everyone should be free to live their lives as they see fit – without judgement.

While appreciating that many in the broader community might not understand, members of Life’s Hierarchy also appreciate that some of us enjoy leading and being served. everyone should have the right to enjoy their dominance or submission, in an environment that is safe, confidential, discrete and supportive.

Life;s Hierarchy has a strict Code of Conduct that ensure the environment remains safe, confidential, discrete, supportive and non- judgemental. Member thoughts on how the Club offering can be enhanced are always welcome.