Membership of Life’s Hierarchy is limited to people prepared to follow our strict code of conduct. The highest standards of behaviour are required.

Membership is not for everyone and not everyone will be welcomed to the club.  Membership certainly has privileges, but it also has responsibilities. Members adhere to a Code of Conduct, the centrepiece of with is five values that protect them and their fellow members. Those values are:

  • Discretion – what happens in the Club stays in the Club.
  • Respect – all members are respected equally regardless of status.
  • Honesty – all communication is in good faith and without deception.
  • Honour – recognising that the D/s lifestyle is an honourable as any other.
  • Consent – Explicit consent is a minimum requirement of all interaction.

Members of Life’s Hierarchy:

  • Must be over the age of 18 years when joining.
  • Undertake not to introduce to the club or its events people under the age of 18 years.
  • Appreciate that the Club website contains adult content.
  • Undertake to keep confidential any information about Members guest.
  • Appreciate that the products and services offered are fit for purpose.
  • Accept the rulings of the Moderator of Life’s Hierarchy
  • Life’s Hierarchy undertakes to maintain a safe environment.

Participant in the activities of Life’s Hierarchy:

  • Undertake to not hold Life’s Hierarchy, the Club, its personnel. and servants, responsible for any damages, injury, loss, or death resulting in my membership or participation in events.
  • Agree to obey all rules and protocols and behave in accordance with the values of Life’s Hierarchy when attending or participating in any Life’s Hierarchy event
  • To report, as soon as is practicable, any violation of the values of code of conduct of Life’s Hierarchy and any accidents or incidences at Life’s Hierarchy events I attend.
  • Will follow the instruction of the Moderator of Life’s Hierarchy, or his or her representative, in the event of an incident.
  • Avoid any physical contact with any member or members without the express permission of that member or members.

Members believe that all members will have a more enjoyable experience when these values are embraced with consistency and without exception. The site Moderator takes responsibility for ensuring these values are upheld at all times. The Moderator will exercise the right to address any breach of our Code of Conduct by:

  • Deny membership – to anyone who does not embrace these values.
  • Cancel the membership – of members committing significant breaches.
  • Suspend the membership – of members committing minor breaches. 
  • Curate the content of the site to ensure these values are always reflected.
  • Take whatever steps are required to protect member interests.

The Club will use its best endeavours to:

  • All participants in activities are members of Life’s Hierarchy.
  • Only Members of Life’s Hierarchy are allowed to attend Club events.
  • The code of conduct for Life’s Hierarchy are followed and enforced.
  • Members are kept safe and that their personal information is kept confidential.

Individual members are responsible for their behaviour. Life’s Hierarchy will not be liable for breaches of confidentiality, consent, and the laws of the jurisdictions they are in.

Life’s Hierarchy undertakes to maintain a safe environment.


While the individual event might have specific rules and protocols, the following standard rules will apply for all member and guest involvement with Life’s Hierarchy, its website and events:

  • Dress codes may apply for some events, and those codes will be followed by all attended.
  • Alcohol consumption must be consumed responsibly, and drug use will not be allowed. Intoxicated members may be ejected from or denied entry to events.
  • Smoking will not be permitted inside at events staged by life’s Hierarchy.
  • Member will ensure that all social and sexual activities they are involved in are consensual and that pre-play negotiations have occurred to the extent required by relevant members.
  • No financial transactions will occur in relation to attending at events and participants in Life’s Hierarchy events, other than the cost of entry changed by Life’s Hierarchy.
  • The safe word ‘RED’ for STOP and ‘ORANGE’ for CHECK-IN will apply for at events and will be respected by all members. Failure to cease activities after RED is uttered will result in sanctions.
  • Members will be personally responsible for any goods equipment, items of clothing or toys they bring to events. Life’s Hierarchy excepts no responsibility for the property of others.
  • The physical venue in which events are stages will be respected and treated with care. Members may be held responsible for the damage they cause or contribute to.
  • Participating members will at all times abide by the laws and statutes of the jurisdictions in which events and activities take place.

Member thoughts on how the Club Code of Conduct can be enhanced are always welcome.