Membership of Life’s Hierarchy is limited to people prepared to follow our strict code of conduct. The highest standards of behaviour are required.

Membership is not for everyone and not everyone will be welcomed to the club.  Membership certainly has privileges but it also has responsibilities. Members adhere to a Code of Conduct, the centre piece of with is five values that protect them and their fellow members. Those values are:

  • Discretion – what happens in the Club stays in the Club
  • Respect – all members are respected equally regardless of status
  • Honesty – all communication is in good faith and without deception
  • Honour – recognising that the D/s lifestyle is an honourable as any other
  • Consent – Explicit consent is a minimum requirement of all interaction

Members believe that all members will have a more enjoyable experience when these values are embraced with consistency and without exception. The site Moderator takes responsibility for ensuring these values are upheld at all times. The Moderator will exercise the right to address any breach of our Code of Conduct by:

  • Deny membership – to anyone who does not embrace these values
  • Cancel the membership – of members committing significant breaches 
  • Suspend the membership – of members committing minor breaches 
  • Curate the content of the site to ensure these values are always reflected
  • Take whatever steps are required to protect member interests 

Member thoughts on how the Club Code of Conduct can be enhanced are always welcome.