Wartenberg Wheel

  • February 26, 2021
  • Mestra
The Wartenberg Wheel – This device has came from the vanilla world. It was a medical tool for neurological purposes, used to test nerve reactions and sensitivity as it is rolled across the skin. A Wartenberg wheel is generally made of stainless steel with anywhere from 1 or more spinning wheels with spikes. The evenly spaced sharp pins rotate as it is rolled across the flesh.
Clothing pattern-making also use a version of the Wartenberg wheel called a pounce wheel to transfer markings from fabric to paper.
The Wartenberg wheel is also used as a BDSM or sensation toy, sometimes while connected to a violet wand electrical device. It lends itself well to sensation play. The sharpest pins can also be used in blood play and used for medical scenes. Remember that skin that’s been bound tightly is going to mark more readily and be more sensitive than skin that is loose from any tension. Think about the anatomy of nerve endings and where they surface the most or are clustered, are parts of the body more ticklish or tough, what does the pace do to sensation, what types of reactions are you looking for in your partner?
Watch how you store it … the little bugger will poke holes in everything. Keep it away from condoms and other valuable toys like silicone ones. Don’t use it on latex or leather clothing. 
My favourite ways to use it is as part of a sensory deprivation scene when combined with restraints, a blindfold and a gag, and alternated with other impact and sensation toys … drawing it across the skin to create the lightest tickling sensation, and then changing it up to a firm pressure, and then changing the pace from a long drawn out tease, to quick unexpected swipes that elicit gasps and grunts. 
Alternatively, as part of a CBT scene … starting ever so gently and then gradually increasing the intensity until I get a squirm 😉.
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