Ways to temporarily counteract drop

  • April 10, 2021
  • Mestra

‘Drop’ is the depletion of hormones in the body and neurotransmitters in the brain after a peak in levels during play.  See my previous post for more info on recognising drop and what it is.

Once you’ve recognised it, there are ways to temporarily build these hormones and neurotransmitters to get you through the drop. First a warning: there is a concept of ‘stacking subspace’ which is where you skip the drop and go straight back into play again, within the scene, or after the scene. As you might expect, this can ultimately lead to a far more significant drop. So, beware!

Ways to create counter drop:-

  • Sugary lollies/drink (particularly immediately after play as AfterCare)
  • Exercise (exercise itself creates/releases endorphins)
  • Spending time in nature (walking through trees, along the beach)
  • Being in or around water
  • Eating chocolate, spicy foods, the scents of vanilla and lavender
  • Having sex / orgasms
  • Cuddles, affection, physical contact (oxytocin is called the cuddle hormone)
  • Self care (soft blankets, good movie)
  • Spending time in the sun (note: protection) particularly doing an activity you enjoy (i was thinking gardening, but you may come up with alternative kinky things of course )
  • Spending time with friends
  • Planning the next play/event/activity (my personal go-to)
  • Meditation
  • Help others, perhaps with time or effort (gift giving increases the givers oxytocin levels). Note: being around people who are very down already isn’t always helpful during drop.
  • Laughter (go to a show, watch Youtube funnies)
  • A hot or a cold shower both increase endorphin levels. 

While it doesn’t help hormone levels directly, staying hydrated, and avoiding high alcohol consumption can help too. 

What other combination of these you can come up with?  What else have you done/do you suggest for countering drop?

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