LIVE and ANONYMOUS Life’s Hierarchy hosts regular exclusive educational webinars on subjects of interests to members.
These webinars are designed to help members develop their skills and improve their experiences.

Webinars are free to premium members and have a duration of around an hour including 15 minutes of questions.
There will be at least one webinar each month and members should suggest topics.

All premium members of The Club are welcome to attend free of charge.

Members are also welcome to suggest topics – CLICK HERE

Enjoy the next webinar and learn.

Upcoming Webinars

Title Date And Time Cost Join
Training a slave 22 September 2021 07:00 pm Free >>
Finding a slave or OWNER 24 November 2021 07:00 pm Free >>

Past Webinars

Title Date And Time Cost Play
The rewards and responsibilities of an owner 27 April 2020 08:00 pm Free
The rewards and responsibilities of a slave 25 May 2020 08:00 pm Free
Consent and staying within limits 26 May 2021 07:00 pm Free
High protocol dinners 28 July 2021 07:00 pm Free