10 basic rules for slaves (by Flame Hel)

  • July 3, 2022
  • Mestra

When I started keeping slave-girls some years ago I decided that I needed a set of basic rules to be a guiding foundation for their submission. So I put together a set of basic rules and over the years I have refined and adjusted them to suit the slave, the situation, and my wishes at the time.

I have always tried to keep the rules well balanced and not all “I am the Master, everything is about me, you must bow down before me!!!”, because for me a slave is a prized possession that should be cared for, cherished and nurtured. And of course every rule has something behind it, there are no rules in there just for the sake of having rules. So if a slave girl has a query about any of the rules I will explain to her in detail the reasoning behind the rule and make sure that she not only fully understands the rule, but also understands the motivations behind it.

So, here they are, my most recent version of the 10 basic rules for slaves:

  1. Your purpose is to please your Master. Pleasing your Master should always be your main priority and what drives you in everything that you do.
  2. Keeping yourself happy and healthy (emotionally & physically) is essential to pleasing your Master. You must always try to ensure that you are keeping yourself happy and healthy.
  3. Your life belongs to your Master, so you must wear a collar provided by your Master at all times. Only your Master should remove the collar, but in the event that the collar must be removed without your Master present, you must ask your Master for permission if possible, or otherwise inform your Master as soon as practical that their collar was removed.
    • You must not allow any collar that has not been provided to you by your Master to be put on you by anyone for any reason.
  4. You are to do at least one creative or artistic activity every week, and show the results to your Master.
  5. You are not to have sexual activity with, submit to, or have any romantic involvement with anyone other than your Master without permission. If given permission, you must provide your Master with at least a detailed description of what happened, and if possible photos or videos. Your Master may optionally give you permission to engage in sex and/or submission with a certain person or group of people without requiring individual permission before each encounter.
    • You must inform your Master about any attempt made by anyone to have such interactions or discuss such interactions with you.
  6. You are not to get any piercing, tattoo, brand or other permanent marking on your body without the permission of your Master.
  7. When asking your Master for permission, when thanking them, when apologizing to them, or when asking forgiveness, you must address them as Master. You do not need to address them like this at any other time, unless you are specifically instructed to do so.
    • You may address other Dominants as either Sir for males, and Madam or Ma’am for females. You must never address them as Master.
  8. When your Master asks you to do something you must make your best effort to do it no matter how difficult or unpleasant it is or how much you don’t want to do it. Even if you do not like something your Master asks you to do, you should want to do it because you know that it will please your Master.
    • If you are unable to do something your Master has asked then you must ask for their permission not to do it and explain to them why you believe that you can not do what they have asked.
  9. If you break a rule (one of these rules or any other rule you have been given), or fail to complete a task that has been set for you, you must inform your Master as soon as is practical to do so.
  10. You must be completely trustworthy and honest with your Master. You must give your Master your absolute loyalty. You must at all times be respectful of your Master, their rules and their wishes.

cross posted with permission : Flame_Hel (Fetlife)

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